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Author Scott Ryan has interviewed over 20 Late Show With David Letterman Staffers and has compiled the last 6 weeks of the show into the new book, The Last Days of Letterman. The book takes the reader behind the scenes and into the meeting that Dave had with his senior staff as he announced his retirement. Then covers the final 28 episodes of The Late Show.

The book also has a Foreword by long time Letterman monologue writer, Bill Scheft. Executive Producer Barbara Gaines walks readers through the amazing Foo Fighter montage that ended the series. CBS Executive Vincent Favale talks about the prime time network’s tribute  David Letterman: A Life on Television.  Writers, directors, producers go through the final 6 weeks, step by step. This oral history is not a tell-all, but an artistic study of how a television icon left his post in late night after 33 years.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER The Last Days of Letterman

Click here to order the Kindle eBook.


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Welcome to Fayetteville Mafia Press, founded in 2018 by David Bushman and Scott Ryan as a writer-centric independent publisher dedicated to producing high-quality nonfiction by authors with distinctive voices and original insights into the world around them.

Located in New York City and Columbus, Ohio, we are a full-service general-trade publisher offering short-run or high-volume printed editions in numerous sizes as well as electronic books in all standard formats.

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Why Fayetteville Mafia Press? The nomenclature is loosely borrowed from season four of what we consider to be one of the greatest television shows of all time: The Wire. Airing from 2002 to 2008, the Baltimore-set-and-shot cop-shop drama was frequently compared to a Dickensian novel, with rich, multiple characterizations and a sprawling narrative exploring complex, profound themes, but in a way that was accessible and compelling.

Above all, it was about the writing. Hence, our name.

Fayetteville Mafia Press will launch in 2018 with Last Days of Letterman. Author Scott Ryan chronicles the last six weeks of Late Show with David Letterman, interviewing over twenty of the show’s writers, producers, and other staff members. They will talk you through how they said goodbye to an American Television Icon.

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Founding Editors/Publishers:

David Bushman is a longtime television curator at The Paley Center for Media and an adjunct professor of media at colleges in the New York area. He is the author of Twin Peaks FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About a Town Both Wonderful and Strange (2016) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About Sunnydale’s Slayer of Vampires, Demons, and Other Forces of Darkness (2017). Follow on Twitter: @dbushmanpaley   @twinpeaksfaq

Scott Ryan is the managing editor of The Blue Rose Magazine and the author of thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history. He is the director of A Voyage To Twin Peaks and the host of The Red Room Podcast. He is currently writing The Last Days of Letterman for Fayetteville Mafia Press. He also wrote about his bad luck in twenty comic short stories, Scott Luck Stories. As luck would have it, no one cared. Follow on Twitter: @Scottluckstory, @bluerosemag1